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Details of ELPROM HARMANLI JSC as personal data administrator

Company Code: 126130564, seat and management address: Harmanli, 99 Bulgaria Blvd, tel.: 0889205920, e-mail:


The current Declaration of confidentiality relates to your personal data, which ELPROM HARMANLI JSC collects for the purpose of providing to you services according to the Company’s activity. We apply a personal data protection policy both to data collected through forms on paper filled in by you personally or by our representative, through e-mail correspondence, conclusion of agreements or other means of personal data collection permitted by law, and the data collected from the Internet space through our website



By means of this declaration, we inform you of the practices we apply in regard to protecting your data, of your rights in relation to the personal data collected about you through our website and/or any of the above-mentioned methods.

Should you have any objections, please do not use this website or do not provide us with any of your personal data. You may also contact us through the contact form in regard to matters related to personal data protection, or you may request information from our employees.


Details of our employee dealing with personal data protection:

Tel: 0373/82347



The Company’s subject of activity is Design, development and manufacture of single-phase and three-phase electric motors for general and specific purposes and spare parts for them.


When collecting and processing personal data, our Company complies with a number of laws and normative rules, which provide directions on how to perform these acts, for what purposes and what guarantees must be applied in regard to personal data protection. Respective normative regulations include, but are not limited to, General Regulations on Personal Data Protection (Regulations (EU) 679/2016), Personal Data Protection Act, as well as subdelegated legislation based on the above.


  1. What is the kind of personal data we collect from you

In most cases, we collect data explicitly mentioned in the law or such which is necessary for concluding a specific agreement with you.

We shall inform you in a clear and transparent manner in case we need to collect personal data, which legislation does not explicitly point out as mandatory, but which our Organization considers necessary and/or the collection of which is of legitimate interest to our Organization, or the collection of such data is necessary to protect your vital interests.

  1. Video surveillance

Our premises are under video surveillance. This video surveillance is grounded on our Company’s legitimate interest, for the purpose of ensuring the security of our sites and assets. Our Company has undertaken the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your privacy and to keep and dispose of recorded information in conformity with all legislative instructions and our internal ones, in accordance with legislation.


  1. Cookies and other passive technologies

Our Company employs “cookies” and other tracking out technologies collecting information from you when interacting with our website.


  1. Data from other sources

It is possible that we collect data about you from other legal sources in order to provide our services to you with a good quality. Such sources are: information from our partners (in case you have agreed to this), information available publicly.

This information includes:

  • Your contact details:
  • Publicly available information with data related to the persons representing your Organization.

Other publicly available information we only collect after we have obtained an explicit declaration by the person who is sharing this information that he or she agrees to share it with us.

When we contact you, we shall inform you where we have obtained your personal information from, in case we have not obtained it from you personally.


  1. Why we collect personal data and what we use it for

We collect your personal data in regard to providing our services to you, as well as in regard to services, which you or your Company provides and our Company employs.

In most cases, we collect personal data, which lets us identify you and in case we need to contact you – to do so.


  1. Your consent and our legitimate interest

Except in cases where we collect personal data on the grounds of a law, agreement, and legitimate interest or in order to protect your vital interests, we shall request your consent to do so.

We shall use your personal data only after we obtain your explicit consent for the specific purpose.

Should you, at a later stage, decide against it, you may withdraw your consent.


In case we need to collect your personal data for the purposes of our legitimate interest, we shall duly inform you of this and we shall make clear to you what rights you have.

You may object to our collecting your personal data, should you consider that we have no legitimate interest to do so. We shall undertake additional measures and we shall provide you with additional information and with our grounds within one month of your request.


  1. Disclosing your personal data to third parties

The Company discloses your personal data:

  • only to state authorities, institutions and persons, to whom we must provide personal data due to law;
  • to persons who have been appointed to maintain equipment, software and hardware used in processing personal data and necessary for setting the Company’s network, including video surveillance network; to persons performing services in various fields.


The Company takes measures and undertakes to make sure that all these persons apply the same protecting measures to your personal data as the ones applied by our own employees and that they comply with the Company’s Policy for protecting personal data.


  1. Protecting measures

The Company collects, processes and keeps personal data in accordance with all legislative requirements and employs adequate technical and organizational security measures.


Wherever necessary, we also employ additional protecting mechanisms, such as encoding, use of pseudonyms etc., to ensure maximum security in processing, transferring and keeping personal data.


  1. Term (time-term) for keeping your personal data

The company keeps your personal data for the term set out in the valid legislation, depending on the purpose it has been collected for.

In case such time-term is not provided, the company undertakes to keep your personal data for a reasonable period, which period shall be determined based on additional criteria. Criteria for determining the time-term conform to our willingness to provide you with high-quality services, as well as the steady development of our partnership.

Our aim is that keeping of your personal data require a minimum of effort on your part for re-registration or providing personal data anew.

When the personal data we collect is no longer necessary to the ends set out, we delete or destroy it in another proper manner.

  1. Your right to access and obtain information

You are entitled to request access to your personal data any time.

You have the right to know what personal data of yours we process, what we use it for and how we keep it.

In order to exercise your right of access, send us an access request.

In the rare instances when we cannot provide access to your personal data, within one month we shall give you the reasons.


  1. Your right to make corrections

You may also request that our Company correct any inaccuracy in your personal data. You may send your request for access or update of your personal data to the following address:

Harmanli, 99 Bulgaria Blvd., /


  1. Other rights you have

Beside the above, you may also request:

  • that your personal data be deleted;
  • that processing your personal data be limited for a certain period of time;
  • you may object to your data being processed;
  • transferability of the data.

The above-named rights depend on the specific reason due to which we process your personal data.

In some instances, law obliges us to keep your personal data. In this case, we will not be able to delete your personal data from our systems.


Contact our employees in case you have any questions.

Our employees will:

  • assist you in exercising  your rights;
  • inform you further regarding any of your rights.


We always aim to satisfy your requirements whenever these requirements are admissible and grounded, and to give you an answer within the time limit set out by the law.


In some rare instances, we may have to extend this time limit but not by more than the maximum extension allowed by law.


  1. Right to a complaint

In case you think we infringe your rights, you may contact us so that we can inspect the matter.

Contact details:

Mobile: 0889205920



You may also file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Committee.


  1. Update

We regularly revise and update this declaration so that we are completely clear, precise and transparent, and so that we cover all changes on our part (if necessary).


Last update – April 2018.


Executive Director: Todor Boyadjiev