AC electric motors:

Motors with electromagnetic brake

Elprom Harmanli is able to provide its customers with solutions tailored to their specific requirement. Different overall and joining dimensions, different duty cycles, and special characteristics on the whole drive unit - This is all within our capabilities.


Elprom Harmanli’s line of standard brake motors with electromagnetic brake assures reliable stoppage of the motor. The electromagnetic brakes that we produce are divided into two main groups. Brakes with high braking torque (Mbr> 1.5 Mr) achieved by using two friction surfaces. The second group is brakes that require low braking torque (Mbr≤Mr) These brakes have a single friction surface and integrated cast-iron fan to the braking disc. 


Electric motors for applications that require a slow, continuous and silent stoppage of the unit use brakes with low braking torque. The motors integrated in machines where the fast and reliable stoppage is a must use brakes with high braking torque. All brakes produced by us have a DC supply voltage, which is powered by a rectifier placed in the terminal box of the electric motor.