Special electric motors and drives:

Submersible motors

Application: working in hydraulic pumps, submersed in the oil tank of the hydraulic unit.




Degree of protection: IP00 according to IEC/ISO 34-5

Class of isolation: Class F( 155 degrees Celsius)


Construction: These motors are frameless with either aluminum or cast-iron end shields. Shields can have feet if needed. The motor is coupled to the hydraulic pump oil tank through joining holes on the feet. The joining and overall dimensions take account on requirements of hydraulic pumps of the following groups: Group 0, Group 1, Group 2. Other specific joining dimensions are also available on request.


The hydraulic pump is directly coupled to the end shield. The driving shaft end could be produced in different executions: screwdriver, hollow shaft etc. Another possible coupling is through a clutch. It is possible a single motor to drive two separate hydraulic pumps mounted on both shields of the motor.


The cooling of the motor is done by free circulation of the oil in the tank. The winding endings are outside of the oil tank in a cable. The capillarity effect is eliminated thanks to the construction of the motor.

Submersible hydraulic motors are not painted.