About us:


Elprom Harmanli’s core competency as a rapidly developing electric motor producing company is providing our customers with customized solutions tailored to their own machine. Interdisciplinary knowledge, experience and expertise gathered during the years, makes our engineering department a go-to partner for your new projects. Flexibility, adaptability, accountability – these are virtues that we cherish and always pursue towards making your new ideas happen.


In the distant 1976, in the town of Harmanli, Bulgaria, an AC electric motor factory was founded under the name “Dimo Delchev“. After the changes in 1997 the company became privately owned and was renamed to “Elprom Harmanli JSCo“. Thanks to the courage, strong work ethic and the vision of the managing team, the company has affirmed itself as the leading manufacturer of AC electric motors in Bulgaria. The company has greatly expanded it's product portfolio, and today, the products of “Elprom Harmanli “ are used in various industries in more than 30 countries around the world. 

Currently Elprom Harmanli exports mainly to these countries worldwide : Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy , France, Spain , Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Serbia, Hungary , Romania, Turkey, USA, Brazil , India and others. The main industries where our AC electric motors find application are: wood cutting machinery, metal processing machinery, floor treatment machinery, mixers, lifting and handling equipment, hydraulics, garage equipment.


In 2003, the company opened a second factory in the city of Plovdiv. That same year the holding, part of which is "Elprom Harmanli", acquires company "Balkanska Zvezda" in the city of Troyan.  “Balkanska Zvezda“ is entirely integrated into the system of “Elprom Harmanli“.


The years from 1997 onward until today have been marked by success, modernization and a constant drive for improvement. 


The continuity of the values, beliefs and ambitions shared by the owners of the company delineate the paths to success that the company has followed on it's journey during the past 20 years ensuring it's future stability.  

Elprom Harmanli factory