About us:


The production of high-quality products is a top priority for Elprom Harmanli.  This is deeply ingrained in our company values and slogan: “Everything is a matter of quality and special relationships with clients.“ The company is certified by ISO 9001 from SGS.



We exist thanks to our clients. The client ensures our future as a company. We always strive for the satisfaction of our clients and help them achieve success in the unique business challenges that they face.  

Health and Safety

At Elprom Harmanli, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes. The health and safety of our team is always at the focus of our efforts. 


We, as a company, always aim to participate in and to foster the development of the community and the individuals within it.



Creating transparent and honest relationships with our clients.
Creating positive team spirit.
Be motivated and determined.
Be innovative.
Be adaptive.
Be modest.  


We, at Elprom Harmanli, consider it essential that the members of our team share these values in order to create a working environment that is conducive to the unrestricted, individual growth and development of our employees.