AC electric motors:

Single-phase motors

The single-phase electric motors that Elprom Harmanli produces are two main types: AR and ASR/ESR




AR- single-phase electric motors with running capacitor

The running capacitor is non-stop switched on to the capacitor winding. These motors are characterized with very good working characteristics. The starting torque ratio is: 0, 5-0, 7.They are suitable for working under not so severe starting conditions in application such as: fans, hydraulic pumps, centrifugal pumps, saw-arbor machines, lathes and milling machines in arbor industry. Single-phase motors with running capacitor are suitable to be used in machines where a frequent switch on/off is needed.


ASR, ESR- single phase electric motors with starting and running capacitor

The starting capacitor is switched on during the start of the motor and switches off when the motor reaches roughly 70% of its nominal speed. These motors are characterized by high starting torque and are suitable for machines where a high starting torque is needed such as: compressors, hydraulic pumps that start with high pressure, centrifugal pumps where the shaft requires a high torque to start and others.


Basic supply voltage- 230V+-5 %( 218-242V)

Frequency: 50Hz+-0, 5 %( 49.75-50.25 Hz)

Duty cycle: S1 continuous- EN 60034-1, S2, S3, S6

Degree of protection- IP 54, IP 55 or higher upon request.

Class of isolation: Class F (155 degrees Celsius), Class H (180 degrees Celsius)

Ambient temperature: -10 +40 degrees Celsius

Altitude: up to 1000m


Upon request Elprom Harmanli can produce:

-Motors with different supply voltage and frequency.

-Customized driving shaft end.

-Second driving shaft end.

-Integrated thermal switch in the stator winding.

-Motors with increased accuracy.


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