AC electric motors:


IEC three phase motors- basic series AT

The three-phase induction motors of the base/main series AT are safe and reliable, have a long service life, and are available at competitive prices. These motors are intended for end-customers and traders who distribute them in markets outside the EU where there is no regulatory framework in place requiring the use of high-performance motors. These motors are beyond the scope of Regulation 640/2009 and Regulation 4/2014. In Europe they can only be used as fully integrated into a product (e.g. gearbox, pump, fan or compressor) and their energy performance cannot be tested independently of the product. AT series motors have very good starting characteristics and overload capacity. The mounting dimensions are in accordance with IEC 72-1 and BDS EN 50347. Available in cast iron or aluminum housings and bearing shields.

Frame sizes: 63, 71, 80, 90, 100, 112, 132, 160, and 180

Rated output: 0,12kW up to 30kW

Poles: 2p=2, 4, 6 and 8

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

Class of isolation: Class F (155 degrees Celsius), Class H (180 degrees Celsius)

IP degree of protection: IP54, IP55 or higher upon request

Type of execution: B3, B5, B14, B35, B34


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Three phase motors-AT


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