AC electric motors:

Two-speed three-phase motors

Elprom Harmanli offers a standard range of two-speed three phase motors:


Two-speed three phase motors with a single winding - pole changing windings

It is applicable for electric motors with poles ratio 2:1.

1500/3000 rpm, 2p= 4/2

750/1500 rpm, 2p=8/4

500/1000 rpm, 2p=12/6


These motors are produced with a single winding according to DAHLANDER scheme. Can be offered in two different executions depending on the application and requirements:

Winding according to DAHLANDER can be designed for switching ∆/YY or Y/YY. This assures different powers and starting torque ratios at the two different rotation speeds. It is used for various applications.

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Two-speed three phase motors with two separate windings

It is used in electric motors with ratio between the poles respectively rotation speeds different than 1:2.

1000/1500 rpm, 2p=6/4

750/1000 rpm, 2p=8/6

750/3000 rpm, 2p=8/2






Elprom Harmanli can produce three-speed motors and multispeed motors on request.


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