Balkanska Zvezda LTD closely with Elprom Harmanli LTD co-initiators in the development of a Flywheel UPS

Balkanska Zvezda LTD and Elprom Harmanli LTD are actively involved in the development of a battery-free mechanical uninterruptible power system (Flywheel UPS) to support the critical load during main power interruption. It is designed to supply consumers between power outages and generator start-ups, ensuring that there is never a loss of power. It can deliver a maximum power of 20-30 kilowatts for about 15-20 seconds, until the generator reaches full power in about 10 seconds, which fully matches the capabilities of modern diesel generators in standby mode. The mechanical UPS has undeniable advantages where a long service life and minimal environmental impact is required. The whole system operates in a vacuum and uses low loss bearings to minimize the air resistance and standby losses. It consists of easily accessible materials and a standard motor-generator in terms of its rated speed and running parameters. Coupled to static UPS systems Flywheel UPS significantly extend battery life and reliability.


Elprom Harmnali JSCo co-initiator in the development of a Flywheel uninterruptible power system (Flywheel UPS)