Special electric motors and drives

You get specific design solutions for your specific requirements!

We can produce for you special electric motors and special solutions / three-phase electric motors and single-phase electric motors /- from individual motors to small or big series.

Motors with specific joining dimensions, specific parameters tailored to the duty cycle, ambient temperature, the essence of the machine etc. We can design, develop and produce it all.


Elprom Harmanli can also offer you complete electric drive solutions suitable for your machines including gearboxes, VSDs and various other parts.

Our custom-designed motors serve various industries and a wide range of low voltage motor applications – regardless of the target being domestic, industrial, commercial or research – delivering the most appropriate for the customer solution in terms of mechanical requirements and electrical characteristics. Our proficiency at designing grows into an excellently measured cooperation with the customer, which goes through all stages of the creation – from the drawing board to regular production. 


The design flexibility achieved through a diversity on offer and multiple product lines allow us to easily adapt our motors to exactly what you need. We manufacture motors for a different number of phases and frequency of the supply voltage – directly fed or through an inverter, motors in cast iron, aluminum, profile or frameless design, with standard IEC, NEMA or individual mounting and grounding  or with low axis of rotation , principle of operation  and provision of the starting torque, with a different number and type of the output shaft end, with separate multi-speed or Dalander windings, for operation with two voltages , for immersion in water, oil  or to work in areas of low or high temperatures and with a tropical form of execution.

The list of special motors that we offer on the market includes AC motors for wood and metal processing machines as well as for floor polishing and grinding machines. 


Other areas of our expertise are water and oil pump motors, motors for lifting and travel mechanisms (car ramp elevators and driving units for actuators) (Hebebühnen-Motoren), standard motors with a built-in self-braking rotor mechanism (Bremsmotoren), high water ingress protection and submersible motors (Tauchmotoren), motors for high ambient temperatures (hohe Umgebungstemperaturen Motoren) and stainless steel long shaft motors (Langwellenmotoren). 


We also specialize in the production of hoist (Hubmotor) duty conical rotor motors (Konusläufermotoren) in addition to motors for the trolley motion (Kranfahrmotor), multiple-speed cylindrical brake motors, forced ventilated (fremdbelüfteten Motoren) inverter-duty motors incorporating encoder, line-start permanent magnet (PM) motors (Permanentmagnetmotoren), gear motors (Getriebemotor), inverter-integrated motors (Wechselstrommotor), oil-bath actuator brake motors (Tauchbremsmotoren), dual shaft (Doppelwellenmotoren) or hollow (Hohlwellenmotor) (split, screw) shaft motors and many, many others.


Some of our latest developments focus on axial flux (Axialflussmotoren) and synchronous reluctance motors (Reluktanz-Synchronmotoren), battery-free flywheel UPS system PM motors (PM motor), dust- and waterproof stone cutting saw blade motors (wasser- und staubdichte elektromotoren, Kreissäge-Flachbaumotoren), motors for mechanical bench testing of combustion engines, pump motors of high immersion water depth and complete solutions for mixers and dissolvers to name a few.


An overview across the ready-made solutions that we already have for you can be found in the following pages. 

We offer submersible electric motors, cageless motors and standard motors, gear motors, electric motors with integrated control, synchronous motors with permanent magnets, electric motors for pumps, electric motors for metal and woodworking and floor cleaning machines, brake motors , electric motors with increased protection class IP56 / IP66 / IP67, motors for increased ambient temperature and others.


Special mechanical and electrical special constructions are our strength.


Additional information and technical parameters of our electric motors can be found below. For special inquiries, please contact us by email.