Special electric motors and drives:

Travelling motors

Conical rotor motors from the KK series are available for the trolley mechanism of hoists and cranes. They are offered in one- or two-speed variant, different mounting and shaft dimensions as well as in several power ratings and braking torques. Also present is the KG series of conical rotor motors designed for the lifting mechanism of small hoists. They are all characterized by a simple and robust design, in which the brake is built into the motor, featuring a relatively higher starting and overload capacity, as well as a higher switching frequency. These motors do not require a brake rectifier.

Travelling Motors for driving trolley & bridge motions


  • Rating 0.18~4kW and above
  • IEC frames 63, 71, 80 and 90
  • Poles 2, 4, 6, 12, 8/2, 12/4
  • Voltage Δ/Y 230/400V 50/60Hz or as required
  • Brake coil DC voltage 0.45 UAC or special coil on request
  • A terminal box located rectifier
  • Braking torque 1.5 x rated torque or higher
  • Protection up to IP65
  • Insulation F, H
  • Rated at an ambient of 40 deg C
  • IC410, IC411 or IC416 cooling
  • S4-40% (240 s/h), S4-20/40% (240 s/h)
  • Various types of mounting available
  • Smooth load braking preventing stress conditions



Catalog_ Conical Rotor Brake Motors

Catalog_ КАТ 35

Catalog_ КАТ

Catalog_ КАТ 53


This group of electric motors is designed to work with gearboxes in chain and rope hoists and cranes. Elprom Harmanli produces two main types of electric motors: cylindrical and conical analogs. The brake of the cylindrical motors is electromagnetic, DC, non-adjustable. Travelling motors are produced with different joining dimensions depending on the gearboxes they are coupled to. In addition, we can offer brakes with hand release and forced ventilation.


Main characteristics:

Power: 0,025kW up to 4kW depending on the speed of rotation

Frame size: 63, 71, 80 and 90

Poles: 2, 3, 6, 12, 8/2, 12/4

Synchronous rpms: 3000, 1500, 1000, 500, 750/3000, 500/1000

Basic supply voltage: from 127V up 400V when connected Δ and from 220V up to 690V when connected Y

Rectified voltage toward the brake: 0, 45 Un

Degree of protection: IP54, IP55, for the brake IP00. Higher protection is also available upon request.

Class of isolation: class F, class H

Ambient temperature: -25 up to +40 degrees Celsius. Special executions -40 up to +50 degrees Celsius are also available.

Duty cycle: single speed: S1, S4-40%/ 240h-1, two-speed motors: S4-20/40%/ 240h-1