AC electric motors:

Monophase NEMA motors

The monophase NEMA motors are offered such as TEFC-Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled but can be executed in other variants too: TENV-Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated


The basic forms of execution provided are:

Base Mount-T

C-face without Base-C

C-face with Base-TC


These electric motors have broad spectrum of applications. Due to their high starting torque, monophase NEMA motors are suitable for machines that start under load.

Typical applications: Pumps, HVAC equipment, agricultural machinery, gearboxes, compressors, fans and blowers, packaging equipment etc..


The standard line of monophase NEMA motors:

2p=2, 2p=4, 2p=6, 60Hz

Supply voltage: 115/208-230V

Squirrel- cage rotor

NEMA dimensions

Degree of isolation: Class F (155 degrees Celsius) or higher upon request.

Duty Cycle: S1 continuous

Ambient temperature: 40 degrees Celsius


If you need something specific, we are at your disposal.