AC electric motors:

Three-phase NEMA motors

The three-phase NEMA motors are essential part of our product range. They comply or even exceed the Premium Efficiency level. These electric motors are characterized with low energy consumption, low working temperature and long exploitation life. We offer them in TEFC-Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled version, but can be offered in other form of execution such as TENV- Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated based on customer request.

Employed in multipurpose direct line- or inverter-fed applications

  • Standard NEMA mounting and shaft dimensions
  • TEFC, aluminum die-cast body with cast-iron C-flanges
  • Frames 143~215C
  • Range 0.75~7.5HP (S1), 230/460V, 60Hz (usable at 50Hz)
  • Single- or 3-phase, 2- and 4-pole                                                                           
  • Easy F1, F2, F3 feet conversion
  • Rotatable terminal box
  • 1.0 and 1.15 service factor  
  • 40 deg C ambient rating
  • Up to IP65 protection
  • Insulation F, H

The basic forms of execution provided are:

Base Mount-T

C-face without Base-C

C-face with Base-TC

For extra information, please do not hesitate to contact us.